Shabbat attendance during COVID

We are all responsible for each other’s health, so please observe the following guidelines. Failing to do so could result in another member contracting COVID:

  • We recommend that you wear a facemask or face covering. We encourage you to bring your own facemask or face covering. if you forget to bring your own we have a small number of disposable facemasks available

  • Please make regular use of the hand sanitisers. Use the hand sanitisers provided on entering the building and every time you enter the shul

  • The seating is arranged to maintain social distancing. Please keep this separation between chairs unless you are sitting in a social group

  • Please take a rapid COVID test (LFT) before Shabbat

  • Please only attend if doing so is in line with government recommendations

  • Do not attend if you are feeling unwell or have been in contact with others who are unwell. If you are feeling anything unusual please bear in mind that a wide range of COVID-19 symptoms have been reported. These symptoms include:

If you have a yahrzeit please advise Rabbi Leigh.