Shabbat attendance with Covid

We have recommenced Shabbat morning services. This is a shortened service, starting at 09:30 (during term time). We will not run a service if there is no minyan.

If you wish to attend, then you must register (use the Shabbat Services form at the bottom of this page) by early afternoon on the Friday. If you subsequently find that you are unable to attend please let Rabbi Leigh ( and 07830 160994) know as soon as possible. This procedure will enable us to:

    1. Keep records of who is proposing to attend and their contact details in case we need to trace them because a fellow attendee is later diagnosed with the COVID virus

    2. Check that the potential attendee is not symptomatic and that they have not been in contact with anyone who is symptomatic or has been diagnosed with COVID

    3. Ensure that we have a minyan

Until we receive further advice there will be a maximum of 15 men and 10 women at any service.

We are all responsible for each other’s health. Coming to services when feeling slightly unwell, or failing to observe these rules, could result in another member contracting COVID. Therefore attendees must observe the following rules:

  • Please wear a facemask or face covering. We encourage everyone to bring their own facemask or face covering. If you forget to bring your own we will have a small number of disposable facemasks available

  • Follow the one-way system. A one-way system will be in operation within the shul to help with social distancing. The one-way system is indicated on the floor and there is a full diagram by the back door. In particular:

    • the entrance to the shul will be via the back door

    • the exit from the shul will be via the front door

  • Use the hand sanitiser provided on entering the building and every time you enter the shul

  • Please use your own sidur and chumash if possible, though communal books are available

  • If you do not have your own tallit please take the first one from the pile and leave it on your chair at the end of the service. Do not put it back on the pile

  • Seating has been rearranged to observe the 2m rule. DO NOT move chairs

  • if you wish to sing please wear a mask

  • The number of individuals who will be offered aliyot will be greatly reduced to prevent potential cross contamination

  • Do not congregate to chat in any part of the inside of the building other than the shul itself

  • Regrettably, there will be no kiddushim for the foreseeable future. No food may be brought into the shul building

  • The toilets will be open. One person should only use the toilets at a time

The principle we are using is pekuach nefesh (health first) so:

  1. Please only attend if your doing so is in line with government recommendations

  2. Please take a rapid COVID test (LFT) before Shabbat

  3. Do not attend if you are feeling unwell or have been in contact with others who are unwell. If you are feeling anything unusual please bear in mind that a wide range of COVID-19 symptoms have been reported. These symptoms include:

  4. Please only attend if you feel comfortable doing so

If you have a yahrzeit please advise Rabbi Leigh.