Jewish Cambridge

The resident Jewish population of Cambridge is small, and one thing that distinguishes it from other communities is - inevitably - the moderately high percentage of members from the university. There is a good intellectual and social atmosphere in the shul: there are regular talks, and shiurim, which complement the offerings of the Jewish Society - the students who own the shul - and other student and outreach organisations such as Culanu and Chabad.

During University term, the services are run by the students, with a touch more boisterousness than out of term. Outside University term, the shul reverts to the residents (who also run the High Holy Day services). The times of Friday night services are posted on the website, and weekday services are agreed on a Shabbat morning or by special arrangement.

Cambridge is a unique community. It is serious without being pompous, friendly without being happy-clappy, open without losing sense of the necessary boundaries - and, above all, a true community, where people look out for each other, and enjoy each other's company. Do come and see for yourself!

Our beautiful Ner Tamid.