Minutes of AGM 2009

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of the CTJC

Date of meeting: 5 July 2009

Present: Simon Goldhill, Barry and Ros Landy, Priscilla Goldstein, Annette Landy, Sarah Schechter, Helen Goldrein, Yoav Git, Jonathan Goldman, Yehudah Fishman, Joe Blaukopf, Graeme and Myriam Alexander.

Apologies: David and Helen Stone, Jonathan and Lauren Allin, Stefan and Shulie Reif and Ben Blaukopf.

1. The Chairman requested the meeting's indulgence for the late date of the meeting, which was caused by extreme difficulty in finding a date. The meeting agreed that the AGM could continue notwithstanding.

2. The minutes of the previous meeting were accepted and signed.

3. Chairman's report. Simon reported briefly and commented on the problem of getting minyanim in evenings out of term. He also hoped that the problem of the behaviour of the children had been ameliorated.

He expressed a concern that the CUJS trustees (of the property) are hardly ever seen and so do not have a proper appreciation of present needs.

Annette Landy stated that the agenda should have been circulated in good time. This was agreed and apologised for.

4. A long discussion ensued concerning the possible appointment of Rabbi Leigh as the Rabbi of the CTJC.

It was agreed in principle (by a vote of 11-2) that provided

a. Rabbi Leigh agreed to abide by the constitution of the CTJC (in particular that the Chief Rabbi is the supervising authority)

b. a suitable financial arrangement is in place; this would include an honorarium but no salary

c. suitable measurables and job description are agreed

to encourage the committee to negotiate with Rabbi Leigh with the aim of appointing him as rabbi of the CTJC as an ad hominem appointment, for up to three years in the first instance; the appointment to be reviewed annually.

The following additional points arose in the discussion:

i. There should be a better welcoming of new members

ii. It is important that the existing demarcation lines between CUJS and CTJC are respected

iii. that consideration should be given to training more people in shul procedures

iv. That a discussion with Rabbi Leigh, perhaps after a shabbat service, would be useful.

5. Ben Blaukopf had sent a treasurer's report by email. This was approved but it was noted that they had not yet been audited and that accounts for the last two years had not yet been presented.

The two proposals (4% increase and 50% fee for new members) were both agreed nem con.

6. It was agreed (nem con) that Trevor Marcuson should continue as auditor.

7. Sarah Schechter reported that the Hebrew Classes run by Reuven and Rochel Leigh (as a joint project with CTJC) have 26 children in 3/4 classes and that Rochel is running an excellent children's service weekly, with kiddush.

Sarah also thanked all those who had given tours of the shul to school children, including Ros, Lauren, students, and Yehuda.

8. Barry Landy reported on Synagogue services, and especially on problems with making a minyan for evening services out of term.

9. He also reported on the well received bulletins; we maintain a schedule of three per year.

10. Bye-laws: It was agreed (nem con in both cases) to change the byelaws as follows:

i) Bye‑law VI: replace 30 June by 31 July (This would permit the AGM to take place between 1 May and 31 July)

ii) Bye‑law XII (as amended in 1988) replace "three years" by "six years" (This permits committee members to retain the same post for up to 6 years)

11. The committee nominated the same officers as the current year, namely:

Chairman S Goldhill

Treasurer B Blaukopf

Secretary J Allin

Bulletin B Landy

Synagogue B Landy

Education S Schechter

Welfare R Landy

This was accepted unanimously.

Graeme Alexander and Helen Goldrein volunteered to join the committee; this was accepted with enthusiasm, and the committee left to sort out the details.

12. Chevra Kadishah: Mrs Goldstein reported on various sad events in the year. Of our members we note with sadness the passing of Halina Mitchley, Ivan Roseman (sometime member, and past Secretary), the mother of David Stone, the father of Sharon Blaukopf.

13. AOB:

a. There are still problems with noise level in services and the general behaviour of the very lively children. Simon will speak to the parents.

b. Better publicity is needed. Helen offered to consult on the website, and Barry offered to discuss details with her.

c. Thanks to Ellis Weinberger for devotion to security, and especially on the weekend of the Chief Rabbi's visit.

d. Thanks to Simon Goldhill, and Refuah Sheleima after his minor operation.

Barry Landy 6 July 2009