Rosh HaShanah, 11 September: Shofar blowing at Great St Mary's

Join us for an unforgettable event on 11 September at 17:00. We will be sounding the Shofar from the tower of Great St. Mary's in the heart of Cambridge, as we welcome the new year and celebrate creation.

Rosh HaShana is the festival celebrating all of Creation. In the Jewish tradition, on this day, we sound a Shofar, a ram's horn, to remember, celebrate, and re-enact God's creation of the world and of Mankind's important role within it.

We will gather at the heart of old Cambridge, and climb to the top the highest point in town, sounding the Shofar in all directions.

Rabbi Mordechai Zeller and Dr Lea Taragin-Zeller will be joined by Reverend Devin McLachland and other members of the Cambridge University Multi Faith Forum in a prayer for peace and a responsible ecological future.

There's limited room at the top of the tower, so hurry and let us know if you plan on attending. Everyone else is invited to hear the Shofar from the streets below.

Monday, 17 September: My Work on the Life and Times of Greta Burkill

By Rosemary Pattenden, hosted by the Cambridge Jewish Cultural Association

Greta Burkill was one of the leading organisers in Cambridge of Kindertransport rescues. She is credited with bringing 2000 children to East Anglia and finding homes for them taking in some of the children herself. She was also a champion of women’s university education in Cambridge.

2pm at 21 Bentley Road, Cambridge CB2 8AW (home of Tirza Bleehen tel 01223 354320)

Wednesday 10 October: Little Vienna - How Jewish refugees from Nazi Europe transformed a rubble filled district of 1940s Shanghai

By Rachel Meller, a CJRA Evening Talk

8.00pm at 185 Huntingdon Road, Cambridge, CB3 0DL (home of Valerie Collis tel 01223 276171)

Sunday, 4th November: The 2018 Cambridge Limmud

Cambridge Limmud is back

We have once again planned an exciting programme. Sessions include:
  • The brilliant Israeli author Dorit Rabinyan: her book All the Rivers, exploring love between an Israeli woman and a Palestinian man, was at a centre of a major controversy when it was removed from the recommended list of Israeli Ministry of Education
  • Haaretz's diplomatic editor Noa Landau, previously the Editor-in-Chief of the English edition of Israel's foremost quality daily, with a unique perspective on Israel in the world and the peace process
  • The ever-controversial Reverend Giles Fraser, the vicar of St Mary's, Newington, and Guardian columnist, whose articles are always thought provoking, on his love affair with Judaism
  • Had the ever-trendy University of California, Berkeley, had to design a Talmudist in its own image, the outcome would have been Daniel Boyarin, who combines great learning with a uniquely Berkeley touch
  • Nicholas de Lange, the master of all Hebrew-to-English translators, who rendered Amos Oz's, S. Yizhar's, and A.B. Yehoshua's books into beautiful English, and who is also a Rabbi and renown Judaic scholar
  • Novelists Amanda Craig and Keren David in conversation. Besides being an acclaimed novelist, each leads a double life: Amanda as a literary critic and former children's books editor of The Times, Keren as the features editor of the Jewish Chronicle
  • And in another conversation, two legal eagles, Joshua Rozenberg QC and Dan Squires QC, on law, human rights and terrorism
  • ... and many more
Cambridge Limmud 2018 is at Hills Road Sixth Form College.

Full details of the programme and online booking aavailable on the Limmud website,

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