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News and forthcoming events

Shabbat Acharei Mot
Friday 11 April
Shabbat starts 7:36
No Friday night services in shul this week.

Saturday 12 April

Shacharit 9:30am
Shabbat ends 8:40pm

Monday 14 April - Fast of the Firstborn
Shacharit 7:00am
Finish all chametz by 10:20am
Burning of chametz by 11:42am
Festival starts 7:41pm
No service in shul on Monday evening.

Tuesday 15 April
Shacharit 9:30am

Wednesday 16 April
Shacharit 9:30am
Festival ends 8:48pm

Friday 18 April
Shabbat starts 7:48pm - no service in shul.

Saturday 19 April
Shacharit 9:30am
Shabbat ends 8:53pm

Sunday 20 April
Festival starts 7:51 - no service in shul.

Monday 21 April
Shacharit 9:30am

Tuesday 22 April
Shacharit 9:30am
Festival ends 9:00pm

JC is an independent orthodox community, based in the beautiful university town of Cambridge. We hold traditional services with a relaxed, friendly, and open style, and aim to be inclusive and welcoming.

We share our shul building with the students, who run Shabbat services during term-time. Outside university term, the services are run by us, and we also run the High Holy Day services.
For times of Friday night services see the calendar. Weekday services are agreed on a Shabbat morning or by special arrangement.

There is usually a kiddush on Shabbat morning, which is a good place to meet our members and our many visitors - Cambridge hosts many visiting academics and others, and enjoying their company is an important part of our Jewish life in Cambridge.

We look forward to seeing you.

Cambridge Traditional Jewish Congregation, 3 Thompson's Lane, Cambridge, CB5 8AQ